Our Story

Australian Sapphire Enterprises “The Long Night Wine” was formed and founded by South Australians Michael Goonan & Calvin Daniels.

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and everyday people start businesses for a variety of reasons, but passion and experience are the most common factor. Often the best ideas reveal themselves with time… or in this case, a Long Night.


Longtime friends, now business partners Calvin and Michael came up with a business idea together that grew into something special.


The long night wine came about after many long, long, nights of brainstorming business ideas, projects, designs, and opportunities. After many deliberations, these like-minded businessmen concluded that they have a passion for the wine industry which has driven them both to dedicate themselves to bring you the finest wines from the McLaren Vale region.


Being great friends for many years, Michael and Calvin sought the same mindset of creating a product and business model that they are proud and confident of the success and long-term outcome.


At the end of the day, these Men are real people that have a strong work ethic, appreciate their family and friends, and are involved in their everyday business by delivering their promise in remaining true to their vision in “making a difference” …

The Directors

Australian Sapphire Enterprises Pty Ltd

Michael Goonan 2

Michael Goonan

Calvin Daniels 7

Calvin Daniels

The Wine

Our vineyards are located in the cool climate regions of South Australia where the maritime influence created by the afternoon sea breezes moderates the average summer ripening temperatures to idyllic levels that allow fruit flavors to evolve without excessive sugar production.


The world-famous McLaren Vale region has become internationally recognized for its powerful wines with great varietal character and yet balanced tannins that are created by the extended ‘hang time’ made possible by this climatic influence.


The adjoining regions of Langhorne Creek and Currency Creek benefit equally from these influences to make wines of power and at the same time elegance. The Adelaide Hills region adds 470 metres of elevation to this equation providing a further varietal influence relating to the cool nights in particular.


This region is one of the best locations in the world to produce super-premium and premium wines and through Australian Sapphire Enterprises, these wines are made available to customers in Australia and all over the world.